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With ten years of experience in geo-positioning, Drotek electronics never ceases to listen its customers and the market to give a complete offer for professional and industrial installations. Drotek Electronics specializes in the development of OEM boards that can be easily integrated into your products. From development to production, it manufactures GNSS receivers for demanding applications requiring decimetre or centimeter accuracy, even in harsh conditions.

Drotek has developed RTK positioning boards, featuring the latest ZED-F9P      u-blox module, delivering centimeter accuracy for high precision results. This professional module increases high precision performance in difficult environments by leveraging a greater diversity of satellite signals. It also Integrates advanced jamming and spoofing detection to achieve highest levels of security. Drotek design and manufacture an entire range around this technology for its customers to integrate in their daily applications.

 Drotek group engineers are leading experts in designing software and hardware architectures to help customers to develop the safest and most efficient embedded systems for their specific applications. This expertise is complemented by a production totally internalized and localized in France.


ZA du ruisseau Route de Folcarde,
31290 Avignonet-Lauragais



Drotek is a French Tech company located in south of France. The group has 2 main poles of expertise:

Electronics – Drone Light Show

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