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Many industrial and leisure applications require higher accuracy than traditional GNSS provides. Drotek Electronics has developed a complete range of GNSS for all type of uses. From surveying, to unmanned vehicles, the modules are easy to integrate in your installations.

Our GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers have the exceptional performance of the ublox GNSS engine and deliver high sensitivity and minimal acquisition times in industry proven form factors.


Advanced autopilots

We design state-of-the-art autopilots for your autonomous systems. Our range of autopilots features advanced processors and latest sensor arrays working with a dedicated real-time operating system. Drotek Electronics autopilots deliver incredible performance, flexibility and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

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Hardware design customization

PCB layout, assembly and testing

We strive to continually search for new solutions for our customers. Our highly experienced engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with you to meet your specific requirements. We provide collaborative design and development ranging from design to mass production. Our high level of quality control is ensured by the discipline of the processes. Our local manufacturing allows us to obtain fast deadlines to respect your production schedule.

At Drotek Electronics we offer a full range of electronics design and manufacturing services ranging from vehicle positioning to full automation…

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Precision test DP0601 RTK ZED F9P GNSS

Precision test DP0601 RTK ZED F9P GNSS

In order to show the accuracy of the Drotek F9P range of GNSS devices, Drotek performed some tests with the DP0601 (base & rover) and a DA910 antenna (base). The GPS and antenna have been attached onto a platform equipped with an idler to be able to freely and...

Que pouvez-vous faire avec SMARTNAV et une imprimante 3D?

Que pouvez-vous faire avec SMARTNAV et une imprimante 3D?

Que pouvez-vous faire avec SMARTNAV RTK et une imprimante 3D? Nous voulions tester à quel point SMARTNAV RTK pouvait être précis. Nous avons donc monté l'antenne du système RTK sur la tête de l'extrudeur d'une imprimante 3D. L'idée était ainsi d'imprimer le logo de...



Test SMARTNAV RTK avec GUIDE GNSS en zone urbaine. Drotek a eu l'opportunité de tester SMARTNAV RTK avec du matériel de qualité aéronautique. Ce test a été mené en étroite collaboration avec GUIDE GNSS (GNSS Usage Innovation and Development of Excellence), un...


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