This month Drotek is in UNMANNED Systems Technology magazine for an Aerdron dossier on HL4 Herculift, a vehicle that can support a heavy payload.
Drone technology is constantly evolving and drones are no longer hobbyist or fragile machines that cannot lift heavy loads. Today, drones are able to carry more than your sports action camera or digital SLR camera, they can carry more weight of several kilos. Our team collaborated with Aerdron to create HL4 Herculift, a vehicle that can support up to 12kg payload (<25kg MTOW), an essential capability for the future of delivery drone.
AERDRON specializes in materializing innovative bespoke design concepts from the conceptual phase to a working product. The team is comprised of experienced engineers that have participated in many high profile aerospace projects in the USA, EU, and globally. AERDRON is recognized and certified as an innovative technology development company by the Spanish government. They currently working on several drone technology development programs funded through the EU Commission and the Spanish government.The aim of this collaboration was to create an autonomous device with a significantly increased payload capacity that is able to facilitate multirole payload missions. Drotek team took care of the hardware and flight dynamics tuning.

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