Real Time Kinematic is a satellite positioning technique based on the use of phase measurements of the carrier waves of signals emitted by GPS, GLONASS or Galileo systems. RTK systems use a fixed receiver (base station whose position is known precisely) and a number of mobile receivers. The base station compares the calculated position from the GPS signal and the actual position, then re-transmits the corrections to be made to the mobile receivers. This technology is perfectly suited to applications such as surveillance or precision guidance. RTK also has applications for autopilot systems, civil engineering, precision agriculture and other similar applications.
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Drotek’s RTK GNSS Product Portfolio gets bigger with new F9P range ! tableau-rtk-range-drotek-electronics-nex-f9p-range-700x389



Our latest RTK module provides multiband GNSS to high volume industrial applications while increasing high precision performance in difficult environments. DP0601 features ZED F9P u-blox chip and integrates advanced jamming and spoofing detection to achieve highest levels of security.


M8P Sirius Base

The M8P Sirius Base is made to provide the most reliable base module possible. Featuring a Tallysman TW3742 active antenna, it is the best module to provide your system with an accurate and powerful base module.



M8P Sirius Rover

Based on U-blox M8P technology, this module offers incredible performances and reliability. It provides a reliable rover for your vehicle.



The smallest RTK GNSS module available able to act as a base or rover, featuring u-blox NEO-M8P chip, with centimeter-level accuracy.
Get more informations on our Real Time Kinematic solutions : M8P Positioning solutions / F9P Positioning solutions.
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